customizing a 3D model to fit a ring by Mk on 2017.03.04 10:00:40

In the journey of life, you cross paths with many people, some are passer-bys, others stick around.  Each encounter is a learning experience, and sometimes you meet that special one.  Then the quest starts to find the perfect ring and… well, after all the hard, personal stuff, I wanted to present this ring in a memorable ring …

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replaced extruder by Mk on 2016.12.07 20:40:54

I’ve been having some issues with first layer adherence and filament randomly stopping mid print.  All this results in broken prints, and time spent diagnosing and re-calibrating the hotend. To this end, let’s look at the current extruder; Note the following: Applied generous amount of JB Weld applied to the connector(I stripped the hole in …

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Kossel Mini build : Part 7 by Mk on 2016.11.07 20:00:43

**So, it’s been over 2 years since the last post – I had some things happen in my life that needed my attention and could not focus on my Kossel Mini build.  In the span of 2 years, many new players stepped up, but for the sake of completeness, I’ll wrap up my Kossel Mini build.** …

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Getting a local LAN installation of GitLab to send an e-mail to the outside world by Mk on 2016.03.06 09:00:48

This is going to be a write-up for a very specific use case.  See if the below applies to you: There is a local server in your house(e.g. I installed Ubuntu(ubuntu-server) with the hostname, “HomeGitLab“ I installed GitLab onto (used the Omnibus install) I want HomeGitLab use my dreamhost mail server(let’s say – …

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Soylent by Mk on 2015.11.30 12:35:31

… if this works,  my posts may get boring

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