How to turn off Facebook Chat Heads… again!

So, one of(if not the most) popular post on my site is a post I wrote on how to disable Facebook Chatheads.  This was over a year ago, and I decided to revisit it.

It seems like now the way to turn this off is from the Facebook app itself.


From the Facebook application, goto Settings -> App Settings(under Help & Settings)

App Settings

Scroll to the bottom and click on Messenger Settings under Chat Heads

Chat Heads

Finally, switch to OFF.

Switch to OFF

And you are done!




11 Replies to “How to turn off Facebook Chat Heads… again!”

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  2. Thanks. Very helpful. Is there anyway to disable showing when messgaes are read? Or to mark them unread or something?

  3. I don’t think you can hide that from the native Android app. I’ve heard there are third party clients that can maybe do that, if you feel comfortable using a different app instead of Facebook Messenger app.

  4. Could you please do another one of these posts? I have an android phone and these instructions canʻt be followed because there is no “Messenger settings” under app settings. 🙁 Pretty please!

  5. Hi Rachel, I’ve made another one , give this a try and let me know if this works for ‘ya!

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