Kossel Mini build : Part 0

With the recent, unexpected purchase of aluminum extrusions from Misumi, my timetable for building a Kossel Mini needed to be altered.

The original plan was to be executed in the following order :

  1. Finish upgrading the build size of my printrbot simple, and then use that to print the parts for the Kossel Mini
  2. Scavenge parts from my modified Cupcake
  3. Buy any parts I still don’t have (e.g. sliding rails, aluminum extrusions) to build it.

Instead, I ended up buying the extrusions first.  I quickly ordered a set of printed parts from eBay, the prices and the parts included sorta vary wildly, and I got the best price I could find for the parts included.

Before I go any further, I want to point out that there are a couple of options to get a delta printer now, including a “complete” kit of parts to assembled models.  The option I chose is one that made the most sense to me, for the experience and price.

I should point out that blomker has a very detailed build instruction PDF file that describes how you could put together their Kossel Mini kit and the price is not bad, if you do not want to play match-up with every component you buy.

As for all the nuts, screws, and miscellaneous hardware components, I went to Tri D Printing and basically bought everything off this page on the Kossel Mini.

This will be a short(hopefully) series on my adventure in building a Kossel Mini.  This is a new experience, as

  1. I have previously bought complete kits from the creators themselves(Cupcake from MakerBot, PrintrBot Simple from PrintrBot)
  2. I won’t be able to fall back on the company that sold me the parts for build support, as I’ll be buying from 3-4 different parties.

Once I get the parts, I document my build progress here.


*Also, I have SO many links on this post!


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