HTPC(W8+ML) : Part 2

The OS installation proved to be tricky.  I went into it thinking that I’d install Mountain Lion, then leverage the BootCamp feature to install Win8 and dual boot that way.  Instead, here are the steps I followed:


  1. Boot to UniBeast(USB-HDD)
  2. Select USB and type in, “-x GraphicsEnabler=no”
  3. On the install location screen, go to Disk Utility->Select HDD->Partitions->2 Partitions
  4. Format Partition 1 to MS-DOS(FAT)
  5. Format Partition 2 to Mac OS (Journaled), named it, “Mac”
  6. Exit Disk Utility
  7. Install to Partition 2
  8. At end of install, it will prompt you to reboot and there will be a countdown to reboot
  9. Boot to UniBeast(USB-HDD)
  10. Select “Mac” and type in, “-x GraphicsEnabler=no”
  11. Download MultiBeast, DSDT from TonyMacx86
  12. System Preferences->Security->Install from Anywhere
  13. Launch MultiBoot and install ONLY the Bootloader (Chimera v1.11 etc)
  14. Shutdown the Machine.

This has prepared our partitions correctly for the WIn8 install;

  1. Boot to Win8 USB driver
  2. On the install locations screen, format Partion 1 from previous from FAT to NTFS
  3. Now select that partition to install
    1. If there is any error/warning about EFI, GPT, or that the hardware has not been configured to boot, then reboot to BIOS and turn off any UEFI/EFI options and try again.
  4. When install is successful and you can boot to Win8 from reboot Win8 install is done.
  5. Shutdown the machine

At this moment, the windows bootloader has written over Chimera

  1. Boot to UniBeast(USB-HDD)
  2. Select “Mac” and type in, “-x GraphicsEnabler=no”
  3. When booted to desktop, install DSDT.
  4. Reboot to “Mac”
  5. Install Audio/Graphics/Network drivers from MultiBeast

I found that on my rig, I had some issues with HDMI;

  1. HDMI video size is incorrect
    1. Mountain Lion Desktop is too big for the screen
    2. Windows 8 Desktop is too big for the screen
    3. On newer 1080p montiors and TVs, it works fine – so this may be a HW issue with my TV.
  2. HDMI Audio does not work
    1. It works on Windows 8
    2. It does not work on Mountain Lion, and there is no option for HDMI under System Preferences->Sound->Output

Searching in the TonyMacx86 forums, this post provides a patch to apply to the DSDT file, as well tools to patch it with.  The only change I had to verify after the patch was that

Audio ID: 3, layout-id 0x03, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 /* onboard and HD3000/HD4000 HDMI audio only

And after a reboot, I had sound over HDMI(it was low, though).

Thanks to the good people at TonyMacx86 forums!

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