minor update to lucid goggles

While I have not achieved any success at lucid dreaming, I have realized a flaw in my design : I can’t shut this thing off.

At the time, I didn’t have the necessary parts, so I simply wired everything such that it would be “on” when the battery is inserted, and off without.

switch and shrink tubing

This is a quick mod – I had to find a place for the switch (it turns out I had to bend one of the legs to make it fit).

potential switch location

I also found that the prongs were not spaced evenly to fit in the perf board… so I decided to just make a hole big enough to let the switch sit flush to the perf board.

holes for switch prongWith a quick desolder job and just a quick one to wire up the positive end from the battery to the switch before going to the ATTiny85 and it’s done.

solder joint to desolder

switch wired

Now I can turn the unit on or off w/o having to scoop the battery out!

switch all wired upAlso, while I’m revisiting this rig, I figured I’ll replace some of the electrical tape with proper shrink tubes – the tape has proven to unravel during sleep and I would also find them in some amusing places when I look in the mirror in the morning.

shrink tube for the exposed wires 1 shrink tube for the exposed wires 2 shrink tube for the exposed wires 3

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