eBay + PayPal, battle of shipping addresses

Just a quick post – I use eBay frequently, and have been for many, many years.  All my purchases are made via PayPal, and I’ve become accustomed to logging into eBay, then click on pay of my item, then log into Paypal, confirm in Paypal, and finally confirm in eBay.  PayPal had my home address as verified address and everything worked flawlessly, if not a little time consuming.


eBay recently gave me an option to merge my PayPal account with eBay for faster and easier payment experience.  Cool.  I did just that and now my check out time was halved and experience was great.  Until I missed my item.  Tracking # said that it was delivered, but I did not have it.  After checking my PayPal transactions, I noticed that the items were shipped to an old address that I had used >3 years ago!  What happened?!  The address wasn’t a PayPal verified address!

After calling eBay customer support(unfortunately, the rep could not understand my situation and tried to see if the seller had shipped the item instead of how eBay/PayPal could have provided the seller with an incorrect address), I managed to piece it together.


When merging PayPal and eBay accounts(from eBay), the seller will get the PRIMARY SHIPPING ADDRESS from eBay, not PayPal.  This makes me wonder what will happen if I attempt to make a purchase from sellers that only want PayPal verified shipping addresses, but this was a side-effect of merging my PayPal account that I did not anticipate.


In fact, I see that eBay has it’s own list of address and payment methods(namely credit cards) that I can store to make purchases.  Maybe because I make payments with Paypal for so long(before that, I mailed Money Orders), but I did not realize this – and let this be a warning to others!



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