Hexy leg assembly (unofficial)

For the sake of records, I want to outline the steps I followed to assemble the legs for my Hexy.  It’s not official in that I pieced them together from the photos I was able to find of the model in various poses and I could be wrong.  But at the end of the day, I had no spare parts left over and most of the parts seemed to make sense, so I assume it’ll work.

Completed Leg

Contents of the Leg assembly contents + 3 servos(plus horns) + screws

The assembly was rather quick(given the reference photo above), with the included screwdriver serving to bore a hole into the servo horn(the default hole is too tiny for the screws!)

Servo horn goes on this part – the used the screwdriver to make the 2nd hole from the OUTSIDE larger

Another part where the servo horn is attached. Again, make the 2nd hole from the OUTSIDE larger!  These are the 2 servo horns that are ON the leg

The 3rd horn goes on the BODY of the Hexy. Also, used the screwdriver to make the 2nd hole from the CENTER of the horn larger.


Now, for the assembly!


The parts that make up the tip of leg

Assembled, keep the right part loose!

The right part of the tip(foot?) assembly is used to hold the tip(foot??) in place on the body of the leg

2 servos + long piece with 2 servo openings + long screw

Take those two ladder shaped pieces and plug them in the center between the screw and servo

the ladder shaped pieces seem to hold the servos in place.

Put the oval shaped piece and a nut to lock it down. The ladder shaped pieces keep them all in place


with the completed leg body, the tip(foot?) was attached by the following;


Using the screw from the servo horn bag, lock in the foot to the body of the leg

Once secured, the piece on the right side goes into a hole on the oval piece and tightened


The leg shoulder part assembly :


The servo motor points away from the circular opening

Moving a little faster, the bottom piece(has 2 screw holes) and a side piece(with a screw+nut)

Placing the incomplete shoulder assembly to the leg body. The should assembly already has a screw and is partially assembled

Shoulder assembly, on its side

This completes the shoulder assembly. This complete leg is attached on to the body – the motor exposed on the bottom was connected to the Hexy body.df


There was some concern over this part – it seemed to be a little off center?

The rectangular holes look a little TOO close to the edges… maybe it was off center when being cut??



Doing this five more times, I was able to complete all 6 legs and attached them to the Hexy body.


Hexy with all of its limbs!


Very neat and clean assembly – credit goes to the smart people at Arcbotics!

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