GoPro App letdown

As an owner of a GoPro Hero2, I got the Wifi BacPac+Remote so that I can take advantage of the ability to preview my video to my smartphone.


Back in June ’12.


And now I got an e-mail from GoPro stating that the app has finally arrived!!

…for iOS only with Android to be coming soon.


Bummer.  Luckily, my girlfriend has an iPhone, so we(well, I forced her) to download the app and fired it up…


after I upgraded the firmware(again?) on the wifi bacpac and the camera.


Finally, I was able to connect to the GoPro wifi network from the iPhone(I had to quit the app, then go and connect to the wifi network via settings… a bit complicated, but wanted to see how it works before making judgement).


And the picture was AWESOME!


Then I moved the camera.


The picture was still AWESOME.


… then it moved.


After 3 seconds.


In fact, the video preview seemed to be delayed by 3-4 seconds.




Maybe by the time the Android app comes out, the speed issue will be resolved???

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