Hexy the hexapod!


Hexy the Hexapod!

…One of the goodies I bought from MakerFaire NY!


think I was the first one to buy it, according to the two dudes(sorry, I don’t think I got their names) behind the table because they had to check with Joseph Schelsinger to sell me one (who was away getting an award at the time??)  The two dudes, in the slim chance you guys read this, it was awesome talking to you both, including the history and some of the trials and tribulations you guys faced during and post Kickstarter campaign!


What you are seeing is what I was able to piece together using the body build instructions(official?).  The legs assembly instructions aren’t up yet, but I was able to put it together using the photos from the build.


extra parts?
Hmm… where do these parts go?



The electronics + battery pack on the other hand… I have no clue 😐  Gotta try the forums, I guess

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