By now, everyone should have heard about the tablet by Google, the Nexus 7.  It is different from many other tablets of its form factor, arguably better than its competitors – for me.  I’ve had my eye on the Galaxy Tab series(both the 10″ and the 7″), but they were too pricey.

First, a personal historical rundown.  Originally, I got a HP TouchPad 16GB.  A nice, hefty, tablet as a gift.  It isn’t something I was even considering, but it’s famously publicized management decision made it more of an item of curiosity to own one.  It was a nice experience and got me used to having one.  The ecosystem of the HP TouchPad was sparse and definitely nowhere as lively and happening as Apple or Google’s respective offerings.


I moved to getting a Nook Tablet, mainly because the price was right and there were options to load a version of Android on it and escape Barnes & Noble’s rather limited ecosystem.  It was nice, but it was also a stripped down tablet, no Bluetooth, no camera – basically perfect for B&N’s purpose of a tablet to purchase and read books and the occasional movie from their market.


While I was eyeing the cheaper Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 (Plus?), I hear about Nexus 7.  A tablet of 7″, same as the Nook Tablet, but it has a ton of sensors added in, such as Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, as well as WiFi.  Plus, given that Google sold this directly themselves, I am hoping that Google has put Asus through a stricter QA certification to get out a more “complete” tablet.


In closing, I just received the Nexus 7, and I look forward to using it with its many sensors!


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Nexus 7, Kindle 3g, and Nook Tablet

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