booting Ubuntu alternate iso from USB drive

Here is something to file under, “it’s only useful if you need it” category.  Due to many reasons I don’t care to go into right now, I’ve decided to install Ubuntu 10.10 on a system with software raid(created it using mdadm).


Having long abandoned CD-R/DVD-R media as being wasteful, I’ve been using live distribution to boot and then installing to HDD.  Well, on a complex layout such as this(2 RAID1s, and a RAID5), the distributions I had on hand were having… issues.


Ubuntu 10.10 Alternate iso worked before in the past, and so I used LiveUSB Creator to burn the iso to my thumbdrive.  Lo and behold, I get stuck on the installation because it can’t find/mount the cdrom image.  After some searching, I found a post by who had a similar problem and was able to get it working by using UNetBootin’s “HDMedia” category.


Strange.  I have UNetBootin, but I never knew about this feature.  Go figure.


Also, I guess the alternate isos don’t get as much polish as the regular desktop/server isos… but, whatever, as long as I can get my server back up…

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