recharging a PSP 1000 over USB

…so, many years ago, I had purchased a PSP as a gift for a family member.  I recently found the abandoned PSP(it’s a 1000 series, a first gen) and decided to put it to use.

At one point, I had the PSP’s power cord, but now, I could not find it.  My options were as follows;

  1. Find it(if the PSP is here, the components are bound to be nearby;
  2. Borrow from a coworker’s (been there, done that – other than the inconvenience, what if I need to charge over weekend/vacation?)
  3. Buy it over eBay(actually, this is not a bad idea – it’s <$3, but it’ll take ~ 30 business days to arrive)
  4. Mod it(I hear the newer PSPs can charge over USB.

Because of point #2, I took a look at the power cord and decided on #4!

power brick details

PSP takes 5V at 1500mA to charge… whereas a computer’s USB provides 5V at up to 500mA(USB 3.0 offers more amps, IIRC).  So this means that if I wire up the GND and 5V from USB to power plug, the PSP should charge(albeit slower… a 1/3rd?).


So, let’s get to it!

so many tiny screws!

One thing I noticed – the PSP(not sure if it’s true of the later models, uses many TINY screws of varied sizes… very annoying to keep track of!)


The donor wire comes from the good old IDE cable;

IDE cable - great source for thin wire!

the wire seems well suited for this task!

While sizing the wire, it seems like the GND pin on the USB is already connected to power plug’s GND pin(I guess it’s a “duh!” moment that I didn’t realize)

From this point on, it’s very straight forward – solder one end to the 5V pin, and the other to the positive end of the power plug(the tape is to keep the screws nearby);

wire to 5V miniUSB port

Wire from positive end of power plug - the tape is to keep the screws nearby(did I mention there are a LOT
soldered wire to positive end of power plug


Reassembly was lengthy(and I did it multiple times, and I STILL ended up with a spare screw. UGH).

charge over USB - success!


Done! …with a spare screw… but it seems to charge!


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