Ghost in the… cupcake?

I’m currently in the process of replacing the MBI Gen3 stuff(extruder +electronics) with RAMPS+MakerGear extruder.


On a quiet night, I’m calibrating the stepper motors with RAMPS when THIS occurred:


I started to hear noises(although my cellphone could only barely pick it up…) at about 50seconds in(better at 1m22s), basically, the stepper motor is receiving broadcast radio!

I’ve never expected this… so I quickly queried the people at #makergearv2.


Triffid_Hunter ah yes, AM radio from the steppers with a metal screwdriver, that
Triffid_Hunter mine would do that too if there were any nearby radio stations


…so, I learn something new(thanks Triffid_Hunter!

Add primitive radio to the 3D printer!




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