Makerbot woes Part 3 – conclusion?

Quick post(or update);

  • Inconsistent, scattered instruction/documentation(problems of a wiki)
  • Misaligned prints (holes did not line up properly and had to re-drill holes)
  • Missing parts – Customer Support had to mail me the missing parts… twice.
  • Product recall/workaround (power Y-splitter
  • Defective chip on board – Customer Support was able to diagnose and send replacement chips to solder
  • Varied, conflicting instructions on calibrating Z-Axis(outside of main Makerbot site)
  • confusing directions(maybe related to first item?) regarding ABP

So, it turns out the Z-axis issue, including the warped rod was due to the top lid applying varied amounts of pressure on the rods – it is no longer an issue and z-axis movements are smooth and controlled!

I give up on the ABP – the belt has warped and stretched AND the ABS no longer sticks.  I’ve resorted to using the acrylic base.  As long as I don’t have ANY changes in the temperature, I don’t have any warping!


Detailed post to come.


But, at this point, I can say that I’m finished with assembly of the product! …only took 3 months. 😐

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  1. Sweet! Glad you got it working, despite the headaches. Time for more Ubuntu necklaces? 😀

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