assembly complete!

I have finally tightened my last screw in the MakerBot.  After multiple interactions with support, as well as going over multiple revisions of the “instructions” posted on their website – I was confident that I was done… until I recalled seeing a post about a defective part that MakerBot has shipped out(again).  This time it is a Y-Splitter cable for the power cable.  If you had followed the directions, it would have it melted/damaged components.

Oh, MakerBot, good thing I follow your blog. 😀  I’m sure the support staff would have been tired to hear from me yet again with another problem.

All in all, except for time wasted in waiting for replacement parts to arrive – the MakerBot Cupcake Ultimate took me a little over 8 hours to assemble(not counting food runs and bathroom breaks)

With the Cupcake assembled – the next big step is to get the software set up and calibrated.  Also, I have taken notes on steps of the assembly that I felt needed clarification/mentioning – stay tuned!

*Given this experience, I’ll probably have a conclusion/follow-up regarding my experience as a customer/DIYer/etc. soon.

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  1. I’m from the future and I’m writing to let you know that this isn’t where your problems end, it’s where they begin.

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