Where is that file? In one(or more!) out of 6 computers.

Over the years, I have accumulated a lot of data.

At first it was basically games I bought(what little I bought). Then it was homework I’ve typed up(I decided early on that it was easier to type up book reports and save that in the computer and floppy disks – also, it was easier to carry a disk or two rather than a binder full of handwritten papers

Over time, additional computers were bought/acquired/donated.

I realized recently that with the addition of my newest laptop, I now have files(vital ones) are spread over 3 computers, a home PC, a workhorse laptop and this new laptop. To make things more complicated, the home PC is running linux, the workhorse is running Windows, and the new laptop is running Mac OS X.

Turning on machines just to access photos/documents stored across these machines is time and power consuming.

It seems like what I need is a fileserver – this would solve two problems;
1) Consolidate all the files onto one server(no more turning on machines to get the HDDs powered up
2) A new tech device(a device meant to stay on and not on demand)

This of course brings up new requirements;
1) low power consumption(this server will always be ON)
2) safe storage – I say “safe storage” because it can mean either of these things to me;
a) some sort of backup/redundancy so I won’t lose data if the HDD goes out
b) protection in the form of encryption?
3) FTP access – all my computers have some form of an FTP client, so this should be the minimum requirement to data.

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  1. I have similar requirements, but what I did not factor in was encryption because this would be on my private LAN.

    I’d be curious to see how you handle the low power consumption. I suppose most peripherals these days have a “sleep mode” for just this reason.

  2. The encryption is there because the server will be on the private LAN, but my LAN would also have WiFi. I don’t have the time to monitor my network 24/7 – and I do let guests use the WiFi. It’s not about not trusting my guests, but some files/folders, I’d like to keep private and I don’t want guests(legitimate or hackers) to have free reign over the file server if they manage to get on my WiFi.

    As for power consumption – I’m thinking mini-itx(nano-itx or pico-itx would be better, I suppose); this isn’t a game server or a render server, so I don’t need the hyperthreading/quad-core/expensive GPU. Plus, I want the CPU to rely on passive cooling rather than a fan that’s always on.

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