DIY DVD Kindle 3 case!

The new Kindle is about the size of a DVD case;

a DVD case + Kindle

The Kindle looks like it can fit inside the DVD case.  So, let’s go about trying that.

DVD case has "stuff" inside the case

The DVD has a bunch of tabs and various extrusion, which serves a purpose when its contents are a DVD and maybe an insert or a booklet.  They must go.

"stuff" removed!

Using a Dremel(but you can use a pocket knife – the DVD plastic isn’t that difficult to cut through), I shaved off the plastic bits until I ended up with a DVD case with as much space inside as possible.

Alas, the Kindle would barely fit – but not to worry, cutting out a slot on the bottom helped… and also served to provide access to the bottom switches and ports.

This is how it looks with the Kindle inside;

DVD + Kindle

It’s a very snug fit, it wouldn’t close before and looked bloated until the bottom slot – close up here;

Kindle ports are accessible!

Would I seriously use this?  Probably not – I’d look mighty odd to be carrying a DVD on me at all times

Does it make for a good temporary case?  Absolutely!  And you have the added bonus of now being able to hide your Kindle in a DVD rack.

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  1. Funny enough, the inside of the case has the recycle symbol,and you have recycled the case for another purpose. Brilliant!

  2. Made this discovery just today. Of course someone — you — beat me to it. But at least I know it’s workable. thanks.

  3. I JUST now tried the same exact thing after wasting hours online and annoyed many of the cases costa third of the kindle itself!

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