nook – late to the party?

I have to be honest, the 3G web access thing bothers me.  I understand that the 3G connection ought to be for browsing, buying, and downloading content from the store, but it’s something when a rival product also throws in web browsing as well.

But, let’s put the free web access thing aside.  Both tablets have a highlight+note feature.  The idea is simple – highlight favorite parts of the novel, and attach a short note to it.  The nook does just that and nothing more.  Searching for previous notes is a bit clunky, you find the first highlight and you can jump through all subsequent ones.  Not bad for a short novel, a bit annoying when it’s a note or two in a large one.

The Kindle has a more organized way – it display s a summary page of all the highlight/notes.  It’s a software thing, and nook can easily catch up(I hope) with a well placed firmware update or two.

But, will there be such an update(and if so, in time)?

It’s a shame, as I prefer the sleekness of the nook, but it’s missing the polished feature set of the kindle.

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  1. Did you purchase the 3G nook or just WiFi? I think the nook has potential with a software update since it uses the Android OS. However, given your posts if you like the software features of the Kindle as is, go ahead and spend the extra $10 to get it. It’s worth it to be happy with the end product, especially one that does a specific task. Then again, are you purchasing a product for “hackability”? These are things you can think about.


  2. Nook uses the ePub format, a widely used open format. Amazon uses a proprietary ebook format. Many libraries will “lend” ebooks in the ePub format, which works with nook but not kindle. Nook owners can “loan” ebooks they purchased to other nook owners for up to two weeks. You can’t do this with kindle.

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