nook meets kindle

As a proud(?) owner of the nook, I had a chance to see a friend’s kindle.

I eagerly anticipated this meet up because, unlike the nook, I wasn’t able to have each at the same time to compare and contrast.

nook and kindle
nook and kindle

The interesting thing about this comparison is… nook looks sleek and clean when compared to kindle.

However, the kindle has a more polished interface – and the 3G internet is hard to beat(on the nook, you can only browse the internet if you are connected to a wifi hotspot).  I was asked, “when are you EVER going to want to surf the internet, you have your phone/laptop?”

It’s a valid question – and I have no idea how I feel about that.

the UI seemed to be quicker by a hair on the kindle, perhaps because it doesn’t have the overhead of a touchscreen lcd on the bottom?

Finally, the burning question is that, the kindle has more functionality AND it’s $10 cheaper than the nook.

However, with the nook sporting the Android OS, and my complaints with the nook being mainly software implemented features… can the nook come back with an update to step up to kindle’s offerings?

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