I have not given e-ink tablets much thought, mainly because I found that the cons outweighed the pros.  There are some things I can do with books that I can’t with eReaders, namely;

  • I often recommend and lend out books that I own;
  • Unless it’s required (by job/school/etc), I don’t like to pay retail for books
  • I like to shuffle through books, especially if I feel like I missed something in the previous chapters

So, why is this post titled, “nook”?

I happened to have a gift card for Barnes & Nobles.  Since I didn’t have any books I needed, I decided to indulge and get myself a nook.

There is a religious war when it comes to these things, nook and Kindle being the main contenders that everyone seems to talk about.

So, I’m using this nook(and perhaps this is an indication of things to come), I was more intrigued by the fact that the nook is powered by the Android OS.  Perhaps this means there are hack/mod possibilities beyond that of a simple eReader?

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